NTB – BELTPLAST range are specially imported Plastic Modular Belts which are moulded with technical plastics, forming a structure of injected pieces, interlaced in a very high advanced design, whose configuration makes it an ideal support for conveying food and industrial products. They constitute an advanced solution to many of the problems that the conventional conveyor belts have.

Food & Confectionary
All over india, food is produced, processed, and packaged hygienically and efficiently on our specially designed super flexible belt with FDA standards and HACCP concepts.
Steel and Automotive
Our special PU belts having higher shore hardness with good resistance to abrasion and cutting for CTL applications in sheet metal handling for automatic and steel producing industries.
Air port / Logistics
Our versatile range of low noise, dimensionally stable FR and non FR types covering all globally acknowledge safety parameters. Check-In, X-ray screening, curved, inclined, accumulation, sorting and loading belts are offered by us.
Marble & Tile
Special dotted like hemispherical surface texture belts supplied by NTB have better adhesion to work piece , assuming the best down flow of water in marble, granite and ceramic tiles polishing and convening.
We offer ultimate solutions for green leaf processing, primary and secondary manufacturing stages. These belts cover FDA and Pyrolysis regulations .
Our imported PVC and Mesh conveyor belts with ultrasonically welded tracking guide for CFM dryes and CTC machines has become the ideal choice for the OMES and major producing gardens in India.
Our belts helps in automated flow off material in modern spinning systems. With gentle convening of belts in blow room, fibers in cards and drawing frames yarns, the mixers and blending and also proper handling of empty bobbins and packages in window.
Trade Mill
Our trade mill belts covers wide range of all speeds and types of stress are used in fitness equipments. With proper joined on state of art machines they offer trouble free performance.
Paper & Pulp
NTB offers specialised Conveyor Belts for conveying sensitive types of paper & card for Cross Cutters & Flat Belts for Pulper machines.

NTB Nytran Flat Belts compresses with highly oriented Nylon has high tensile strength & high modulus of elasticity transmits very high loads without stretching which is essential for drives used at Power genaration plants.

Aluminium Extrusion

NTB ALU-EX Belts are Truly Endless, Heat Resistant, Needled Felts that have been developed for use in extremely HIGH TEMPERATURE applications. The belts can even be configured with welding of Tracking Profiles, Timing Belts & Chains to possess high friction properties positively & to avoid any chance of differential speeds.