Roller conveyors are available in steel, aluminum, Galvanized, PVC, and Teflon. Sizes and styles of construction to fit most industrial requirements. Bearings are available to suit your requirements.ntb manufactures conveyors with curve section, straight rollers, split rollers, and tapered rollers. These are most economical and are used where load alignment around the curves improve alignment, tapered rollers curves maintain constant alignment. Straight and split rollers curves can be built in wide range of radii, but choice of tapered roller curves is limited by the geometry of rollers.


Gravity Roller Conveyor


NTB gravity roller conveyor is mainly used for box conveying or product having flat base. ider rollers installed with varying pitches as well as varying heights in relation to each other and in relation to the desired frame. Plastic bearings, steel roller bearings or free moving bushes made from uhmwpe are used. Material for rollers ms, ss314, ss316, al, Teflon, pvc. Material for frame ms, ss314, 316. Available in various diameters from 10 mm to 80 mm.
Powerised Roller-Straight Horizontal/Curved

Powerised roller conveyors power either some or all the rollers to propel the load down the line. Roller conveyors shine where the load is solid and stable. Roller width should be 50 mm wider than the box width. To select the pitch of roller; you should have at least 3 rollers under each carton in roller system. Chain driven roller conveyors are suitable for distribution, manufacturing and other heavy conveying applications. Every roller is driven by individual chains, one extending to the previous roller and another extending to next roller in line.


Heavy duty, Heavy use Conveyors with a variety of drive and height configurations designed to handle large item loads ranging from 300 to 500 kg/mtr of conveyor.

Effective widths of 300, 450, 600, 900, 1050, 1200, Custom width available


The component of powerised conveyors is designed to deliver heavy duty usage as well as flexibility. They comprise of broad walled rollers with sprocket, chain to chain or tangential drive system. The chain is totally covered and end shaft is attached with geared motor.

Flexible Roller Conveyor

Flexible conveyors are the peak versatility when it comes to conveying from point A to point B in given space. They are exceptional for truck loading, unloading, retail shops, shipping areas, loading docks, plant floors, distribution centers, packaging lines, assembly lines. Portable, expandable (expands to 2.5 times of its collapsed length) conveyors allow you to quickly create a temporary conveyor line where you require it. Just expand and curve the conveyor to meet your need.


Rollers are available in 38 mm dia to 50 mm dia. These are most economical. These conveyors are suitable to take load of 45 kg/linear feet. Max.