NTB-TYMEX TIMING BELTS range are specially imported Plastic Modular Belts which are moulded with technical plastics, forming a structure of injected pieces, interlaced in a very high advanced design, whose configuration makes it an ideal support for conveying food and industrial products. They constitute an advanced solution to many of the problems that the conventional conveyor belts have.

Timing Belts
We provide a complete range of timing belts suitable for numerous conveyor & processing applications. From transforming power to lifting your product, timing belts meets precise solution for synchronized conveying, positioning & power transmission. PU timing belts consists of wear resistant polyurethane & high tensile steel cord tension membranes, which offer abrasion resistance, highly stable, low elongation, low noise, positive drive & superb resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
Products Linear or Endless Joint. Torque (real endless).

Pitches - Metric Pitch :

                 Inch Pitch    :

T10, T20, AT10, AT20, HTD5M, HTD8M, HTD14M.


Tension Cords Stainless Steel, Kevlar.

Special Surface Finish

Nylon fabric on tooth side (PAR).

Nylon fabric on back side (PAZ).

Nylon fabric on both side (PAR / PAZ).

Customized Cleats, V-guides.
Timing Pulleys

Our timing belts and pulleys offer a positive drive through the engagement of the molded teeth in the belt with accurately spaced grooves on the pulley. The action of the belt teeth entering and leaving the pulley grooves is positive, smoother operating and more silent than other types of drives.

We manufacture timing pulleys from quality ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel and aluminum alloys material, cast iron, stainless steel and many more materials.

We offer the best quality timing pulleys at very economical rates. Various timing pulleys that we offer are as follows:
Trapezoidal tooth timing pulleys
Curvilinear tooth timing pulleys
Modified curvilinear tooth timing pulleys
Steel Power transmission pulleys
Metric trapezoidal timing pulleys`
Metric bore pulleys
These pulleys are available in various sizes as well. We also offer timing pulleys customized as per our clients' requirements and specifications.
Eliminates slippage
Less Bearing Load
Less Space
Constant Angular Velocity
Smoother Running
Wide range of Applications
Wide Speed Range
Less Noise, Weight & Maintenance
Airport Baggage Handling systems
Logistics Industry
Food Industry
Steel Industry
Ceramic Industry
Automotive Industry
Tobacco Industry
Power Transmission