TYMEX range from NTB covers worlds most widely used & highest quality Timing Belts with NTB Timing Pulleys & other belting products, are offered of the shelf.

Vulcanizing Press (Conveyor Belts)
Platten Size of upto 1600mm length. (1500mm width Belt Joining)Both Plates are electrically heated and fitted with integral rapid cooling facility.Imported Ceramic Heater
   Smooth plate surfaces and Aluminium Platten eliminate ridging.
   Welded steel frame construction.
Maximum operating pressures of 5 bar developed in the plate and pressure rubber blanket system.
Z Punching Machine
Punch cutting tools for manual operation with interchangeable punch knives for various types of Z-splices.
   Belt thicknesses depending on type to a max. of 8 mm
   Belt widths depending on type to 150 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm or unlimited
   Can be used in all sectors/segments
   For preparing Z-punch splices in power transmission and conveyor belts
Ply Seperator
It is a imported machine to divide belt into several pieces,then connect belt which is finished seperating by seperating machine.Character is that roller,gear adopt highstrength alloy,and separating knife adopt steel alloy,through accurate grinding and double treating,with stable performance,high effiency,easy to operate etc.
Motor power:0.55KW.
Roller speed:28r/min.
EHP Hot Press (Flat Belts)
Top part with control light and thermostat to control heating platen temperature. Lower part with pressure equalizing plate and belt holder than can be removed from one side.
Belt thicknesses to a maximum of 8 mm
Belt widths upto 200 mm
Can be used in all sectors/segments
For glued splices with heating platen on one side, adjustable pressure & temp to 120 °C
ESM Grinder
Portable preparation tools with drive motor for bevelling materials at splicing angle 60 and 90°. Depending on type for hand-held or guided operation.
Belt thickness to maximum of 8mm.
Belt widths to 130 mm (tool)or unlimited (hand).
Can be used in all sectors/segments.
Depending on tool type wedge/overlap bevelling of power transmission and conveyor belts.
Nylon Brush
L- Cement (Leather to Leather)
H-Cement (Nylon to Leather)
AF-Cement (Rubber to Rubber)
K10 Cement+Hardener (Profile fixing)
PVC Paste
Belt Dressing Spray
Belt Fasteners