For easy to place we manufacture these system with Horizontal portion at loading then Inclined and at delivery end again Horizontal portion for ease to pick or place the product. These can be adjustable to suit height of different vehicles by hand operated hydraulic cylinder (Semi Automatic model) , mechanical screw jack, steel rope or hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic powerpack(Automatic Model) This allows faster, more ergonomic loading and unloading at busy shipping and receiving operations, and ties directly into powered conveyor systems without extensive integration. It stores out of the way under fixed conveyors when it's not in use, so you'll have clear working space for staging, loading, etc. Built tough for long life, with heavy duty steel construction and reinforced belt. Controls are convenient and easy to use.

Unit load—100 kgs max.

Capacity—300 kgs (UDL)

• Safety stop on discharge end
• Electronic package stop


• Power leveling
• Raised belt transfer
• Electronic indexing
• Variable belt speed
• Light at discharge end
• Fan at discharge end