NTB Diamond & CBN Wheels for CNC Tools, PCD/PCBN Insert  


The new generation NTB Vitrified wheels meet the demanding needs of Solid Carbide Drills/End-Mill applications. These wheels are totally suited for CNC Tool & Cutter Grinding machines running with Oil as Coolant. They meet the exacting requirements of Fluting, Gashing, OD & End Geometry and Re-sharpening grinding operations. NTB Vitrified wheels are also the perfect choice for sharpening of PCD/PCBN inserts and are available in five micron size grains, for Roughing to Super-Fine finish surface requirements with less than 5 micron chipping.


Resin & Metal Bond Cut-Off Wheels  


NTB also offers Cut-Off wheels in Resin-Met and Metal Bonds. These are available in Diameters from 120-300 mm and in Thickness of 1.8 to 3 mm. NTB Metal bond Cut-Off wheels can be used for parting of carbide rods and blanks, with minimum wastage due to their lower thickness.


Diamond & CBN Internal Grinding Wheels  


NTB Vitrified Diamond and CBN ID grinding wheels are available from 5 mm to 70 mm diameter. These ID grinding wheels are comparable and can substitute the best imported grinding wheels. These provide unbeatable performance with “G” ratios of 250-500 in grinding of Ceramics, Carbides and Tool and Bearing steels. NTB Diamond & CBN wheels are competitively priced and typically have a diamond matrix volume twice that of Resin and Metal Bond wheels. These cost-effective and economic wheels will give you 100-200% longer life, higher DOC and better surface finish than existing competitor wheels and can be dressed “on-line”. These wheels also use 10-15% lower energy and have a significantly lower decibel sound level during grinding.
NTB Vitrified ID grinding wheels are also available with shanks/quills to customer requirements.


Segmented CBN & Diamond wheels  


NTB vitrified segmented Diamond and CBN wheels can be manufactured to a diameter of 600 mm. These offers major advantage over wheels manufactured with continuous ring construction, since segmented design allows reconditioning of damaged segments in the wheel.
These wheels can be manufactured to a controlled porosity. The rigid, porous structure delivers low wear, high heat stability, and this when combined with a free cutting nature, efficient chip removal, and excellent ability for 'On-line Dressing' provides very high material removal rates, with minimum downtime and consequently lower machining & manufacturing costs. NTB vitrified wheels can also be customized to required profile and geometry. Lastly they can be supplied from grit size D5 to D181 to meet desired surface finish.
Vitrified CBN segmented grinding wheels are preferred for OD, ID and Surface grinding hard ferrous work-pieces, with ease and in-expensively, like Crankshafts and Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Bearings, as well as Tool, Mould & Die Steels and Aerospace Alloys.


Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels For Glass  


Diamond and CBN wheels are used for grinding of crystal glass, automotive toughened glass and kitchen and lab ware Borosil glass.
When choosing grain size, you must consider that fine grain sizes, while decreasing grinding effectiveness give better surface finish and increase the profile longevity.
Therefore, it is economical to choose the coarsest grain size that gives the required surface quality. Recommended Diamond and CBN grain sizes, according to FEPA standard are shown in the image.