NTB HITECH CERAMICS has a 1,00,000 sq ft state of the art facilities that manufactures and markets Industrial Ceramic Products, at Chakan, Pune, India. These products are used in a variety of applications, processes and markets. Our advanced ceramic manufacturing capabilities and state of the art research and development enable us to maximize the performance potential of these remarkable materials.

They possess many unique properties such as: extreme wear, corrosion and heat resistance, high strength, physical stability and a wide range of electrical properties. By replacing metals and plastics with custom ceramic products, we have helped industry advance by improving our customer's efficiencies, capabilities, product performance and profitability.
Depending on the application and the problem that you are trying to overcome, NTB Hitech Ceramics has the right ceramic material to satisfy your requirements. Our diversified base of ceramic materials includes 76% to 99.99% alumina, silicon nitrides, silicon carbides, zirconias, aluminum nitrides, cermets and sapphire.
We also offer a host of specialty ceramic materials such as:alumina titanium carbides, forsterite, steatite, microwave high dielectric ceramics, Ni-Zn ferrite and Static Dissipative Zirconias.