Water Pump Seals  

Globally, the last two decades has seen impressive growth, in the production of automobiles and increased acreage under irrigated agriculture / horticulture. This has resulted in a quantum jump in the requirements of Water Pump Ceramic Seal Faces for automobile, industrial, agricultural and domestic water pumps.


Since 1993, automobile, industrial, agricultural and domestic water pump manufacturers have relied on NTB HITECH CERAMICS seal faces, to provide long lasting “ ceramic / carbon” mating face with leak-proof contact between the rotating shaft and pump housing.


The extreme hardness, modules of elasticity and low thermal expansion of NTB Alumina ceramic ensures that, they will maintain their original dimensions under high load, high temperature conditions & aging. Excellent thermal stability guarantee precise fits over widely varying conditions of loading, speeds & vibrations. This makes NTB Alumina Seal faces a good choice in applications like mechanical seals for automotive, industrial, agricultural and domestic water pumps. NTBHITECH CERAMICS has developed over 150 different types of Water Pump Seal Faces

    Description Units ALUMINA NTB ZAS STEATITE
     Alumina content %
95% ± 0.1 45% ± 0.1 NA
     Density gm/cc 3.65 ± 0.05 2.70 ± 0.05 2.70 ± 0.05
     Porosity -- Nil Nil Nil
     Tensile Strength psi 25000 ± 3000 18000 ± 3000 20000 ± 3000
     Compressive Strength psi 300000 ± 10000 95000 ± 5000 100000 ± 5000
     Traverse breaking Strength psi 48000 ± 4000 20000 ± 3000 30000 ± 3000
     Hardness on Rockwell Scale R 45 N 75 ± 3 60 ± 3 60 ± 3
     Average Crystal Size micron 15 ± 5 10 ± 5 15 ± 5
     Colour -- White / Pink White / Blue Off-White
Chemical Pump Seal   Download Catalogue
NTB HITECH CERAMICS provides you solutions for your abrasion, corrosion and chemical compatibility problems. NTB CERATUFF Chemical Seal faces are the ideal choice for Chemical Pumps. Chemical Plants provide one of the most severe test for materials. NTB CERATUFF AL99.5 Chemical Seals are manufactured from submicron high purity alumina powder and are used for critical sealing applications in Pump Seals. NTB CERATUFFAL99.5 alumina provides resistance to most acids including hydrofluoric acid, solvents, salt solutions, molten salts etc. It also provides a good
resistance to alkaline solutions in mild to medium concentrations. These properties make NTB CERATUFF Chemical seal faces the ideal choice for long life in corrosive environments. NTB CERATUFF Chemical seal faces give superior performance in corrosive fluids where all other materials fail because of the combined effect of corrosion, heat, pressure and wear.
Alumina seals faces are one of the most economical hard materials and offer excellent resistance to wear.
The chemical resistant properties of NTB CERATUFF AL99.5 chemical seals faces make them the ideal choice for Chemical Pumps.
In water or aqueous solutions, It has excellent properties when carbon or PTFE reinforced carbon is used as the counter face.
It offers good resistance to abrasive solutions in acidic and mild alkaline environments.
    Description Units      Specification
     Alumina content %
     99.5% ± 0.1
     Density gm/cc      3.90 ± 0.05
     Porosity --      Nil
     Tensile Strength psi      36000 ± 3000
     Compressive Strength psi      375000 ± 10000
     Traverse breaking Strength psi      50000 ± 4000
     Hardness on Rockwell Scale R 45 N      82 ± 3
     Average Crystal Size micron      10 ± 5
     Parallelism micron      within 20
     Flatness Light Bands      within 2
     Surface Finish on lapped face micron-mtr      Ra < 0.3
     Colour --      Off White / Ivory / Pink