NTB HITECH CERAMICS, Pune NTB Hitech Ceramics, Pune has recently diversified into the manufacture of Diamond and CBN Grinding wheels. NTB Vitrified (ceramic bonded) Diamond wheels are the state-of-the-art technology, when it comes to shaping hard materials like Carbides, Ceramics, Glass and Cermets.

Vitrified CBN grinding wheels are preferred for OD, ID and Surface grinding hard ferrous work-pieces with ease and in-expensively, like Crankshafts and Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Bearings, as well as Tool, Mould & Die Steels and Aerospace Alloys.

The rigid, porous structure delivers low wear, high heat stability, and this when combined with a free cutting nature, efficient chip removal, and excellent ability for 'On-line Dressing' provides very high material removal rates, with minimum downtime and consequently lower machining & manufacturing costs. NTB vitrified wheels can also be customized to required profile and geometry. NTB vitrified wheels are available in customized designs for “Dressing”. Lastly they can be supplied from grit size D5 to D181 to meet desired surface finish.

NTB Diamond & CBN wheels are competitively priced and typically have a diamond matrix depth twice that of Resin and Metal Bond wheels. These cost-effective and economic wheels will give you 100-200% longer life, required DOC and better surface finish than existing competitor wheels. These wheels also use 10-15% lower energy and have a significantly lower decibel sound level during grinding.

In Summary, NTB Vitrified wheels are a cost effective, high volume solution when compared to Resin and Metal Bond Wheels.