Prototype/Customized Parts

We have the capability and the inclination to develop new products and meet new challenges. Prototype quantities of extremely complex shapes can be made by Slip Casting. A multiplicity of shapes is possible with High and Low Injection Moulding. Our normal production capability covers Iso-pressed parts (Dia. 225mm x 600mm), Extruded parts(Dia. 50mm), Hydraulically parts (Dia. 200mm x 60mm ) & Mechanically Pressed parts (Dia. 50mm x 50mm). Slip Casted components typically exhibit tight tolerances.


Tooling costs are highly economical in India. Consequently, short production runs of 50 to 200 parts are typically competitive. Reliable tooling vendors support our dedicated tool-room. This allows quick turn-around times on customized and prototype order/s.