High Tension Ignitors
NTB AGNI Clamped Insulator Igniters are designed for mounting in a fixed clamp, split collar, cast electrode housing etc. with grub screws tightened directly against the insulators. In other Ceramic / Stainless Steel Composite designs, Igniters are mounted on a female threaded boss on the burner casing, with the electrode protruding into the casing.

NTB HITECH CERAMICS manufactures a wide range of Ceramic Laboratory Wares for high temperature, laboratory applications. Typical applications are containers e.g. Crucibles, Boats, Trays, etc. for reacting chemicals, melting metals & corrosive liquids. NTB labware are specially useful to chemists, metallurgists and other involved in high temperature work, demanding contamination-free results. Labware manufactured from high purity recrystallized 99.7% Alumina or Stabilized Zirconia is highly resistant to alkaline and other fluxes, suitable for glass melting, and recommended for use with refractory metals such as molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, tungsten, etc.


NTB also manufactures both side open ceramic tubes . NTB tubes offer cost effective solutions for high temperature and corrosive environment applications. For instance, they can be used in highly-corrosive chemical baths to protect sensors and heaters, replacing expensive carbon sheets.


In high temperature furnace applications, NTB ceramics tubes find use as thermocouple tubes, furnace liners, combustion tubes, heat sensing devices, gas injection devices etc. Alumina tubes provide high strength at high temperatures and can be used for external winding of heating wire elements in applications exceeding 1550-1600°C. The tubes are manufactured from 99.7% recrystallized alumina, and are acid resistant, impervious and gas-tight. However, alumina is more susceptible to thermal shocks and consequently its use must be avoided in high thermal shock applications.


NTB Mullite and Fused Silica ( Quartz ) crucibles are thermal shock and corrosion resistant. These are used for carbon and sulphur analysis in Metallurgical, Chemical, Rubber, Electronics and Mining industries.
Description Units Alumina Zirconia Mullite Quartz
     Content % 99.5 ± 0.1 96 - 97 85 - 90 98 - 99
     Density --- 3.90 ± 0.05 4.50 ± 0.10 1.90 ± 0.10 2.00 ± 0.10
     Porosity gm/cc Nil 18 - 22 26 - 28 20 - 22
     Tensile Strength kpsi 36 ±3 30±3 NA NA
     Compressive Strength kpsi 375±10 300±10 65±5 35±5
     Traverse Strength kpsi 50±4 40±4 NA NA
     Hardness Rockwell R 45 N 82 ± 3 65 ± 3 NA NA
     Average Crystal Size micron 10 ± 5 10 ± 5 10 ± 5 5 ± 5
     Colour -- White / Ivory Chrome Yellow White White
Welding Nozzles

NTB CERATUFF AL98 Ceramic Welding Nozzles exhibit high temperature resistance, do not melt or deteriorate even in the most demanding applications. NTB CERATUFF Welding Nozzles are made from a higher Alumina grade- 98%, which have a higher temperature resistance when compared to the 95% alumina nozzles supplied by the competitors. Consequently, NTB CERATUFF Nozzles provide longer service life and maximum performance under a wide range of operating conditions, like in aluminum welding etc. Non magnetic and non metallic NTB CERATUFF Welding Nozzles are unaffected by high frequency currents. NTB CERATUFF Alumina Nozzles are able to dissipate the welding heat better and thereby resulting in cooler temperatures in the handle zone. These features result in better performance and longer nozzle life.

     Description Units      Specification
     Alumina content %
     99.5% ± 0.1
     Density gm/cc      3.75 ± 0.1
     Porosity --      Less than 1 %
     Tensile Strength psi      32000 ± 3000
     Compressive Strength psi      350000 ± 10000
     Traverse breaking Strength psi      50000 ± 4000
     Hardness on Rockwell Scale R 45 N      82 ± 3
     Average Crystal Size micron      12 ± 5
     Colour --      White / Pink / Blue
Paper Cones
NTB CERATUFF 95% Alumina Ceramics Cleaners withstand high processing temperatures without distorting. By contrast, plastic cleaners can soften and sag seriously compromising performance and effectiveness. With the increased concern over dioxins, many mills are evaluating the use of hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. Plastic Cleaners are known to deteriorate in such peroxide systems. However, NTB CERATUFF Ceramic is unaffected by peroxide.


NTB CERATUFF Ceramic wear 10/20 times slower, maintain stable operating conditions, and reject ratios, and consequently save energy with lower reject recycling. The use of NTB CERATUFF Ceramics Cleaners supports your company’s efforts in keeping plastic out of your operating systems.