Smooth continuous surface of conveyor belt is ideal for many product handling applications.some of the advantages of belt conveyors are as follows:--
A) small and delicate product handling
B) accumulation
C) inclining and elevating with high friction or cleated belts
D) noiseless operation
E) clean room environment
F) small part transfer.


Horizontal Belt Conveyor


A versatile, multipurpose conveyor built for long term, low maintenance operation in production and packaging set-ups.our conveyors come with imported polyester chord pvc/pu coated belts.


These belts are virtually stretch less.

Belt width upto 2000 mm.
Length from 0.5 mtr to required length
Drive and tensioner diameter from 25 mm to 300 mm
Conveyor belt linear speed 65 mtrs/min. Max.(special application)
Grease -sealed self aligning bearings
Belt type selected for functional suitability.
Inclined Belt Conveyor
These conveyors are used for controlled conveying components. Belts are provided with cleats to accurate spacing to feed the material at pre-defined feed rate. these cleats are welded with high frequency on belting material which gives accuracy and durability. Depending on the product specification/dimensions NTB is having lot-of variety in cleats.
Horizontal Inclined(“j” Type)

A conveyor offering both horizontal and incline capabilities for use in parts handling /separator application it can be mobile and feature are low profile indeed for easy placement under machines.


Other configuration:-horizontal –incline-horizontal (“z”) belt conveyor a medium duty inclined conveyor for use in gently moving items from level to level.

Sidewall Belt Conveyor
This system is designed for high capacity/bulk conveying .the corrugated sidewall and consecutive lateral profile forms flexible bucket, which gives spillage free conveying. Also it is alternative to traditional troughed conveyors.

Advantages of sidewall conveyors

Higher conveyor capacity
No spillage
Application on conveyors with varying inclines.
With this design material can be conveyed up to 90 deg.
Maximum sidewall thickness available is 85 mm.
Plastic Moduler Belt Conveyor

This is advanced version of belt conveyors. These are basically positive drive plastic link chains. Due to its design belt sway problem get eliminated. Also it is very easy to install/replace in very short time, just Open one link and after maintenance again join the link just by inserting connecting rod. Power requirement in these belt conveyors are lesser than conventional belt conveyor. Noiseless operation.

Other configurations-
Floor-to-floor inclined belt conveyor-
A medium duty inclined conveyor for use in gently moving items from level to features a space-saving shallow frame and adjustable legs that increases it's application range.
Horizontal-inclined -horizontal
Curved Belt Conveyor
Curved conveyors can be used to create product turn or mainline conveying system in almost any configuration (45 to 360 deg). Conveying larger, durable and individual portions of product. Ideal for bakery, snack foods, confectionary processing, print/publication.
Curved belt conveyor can be supplied in 1500 mm width. Load carrying capacity 90kg/m2 max. Maximum speed 30 m/min.
Knife Edge Belt Conveyor
These type of conveyors are widely used in biscuit industry for transferring biscuits from one conveyor to another. Diameter of end roller, if it is dead end dia. Is 10-12 mm, if moving roller then it is 22 mm.