NTB Special Purpose Machine with the support of qualified engineers and the state-of art manufacturing facilities,we manufacture special purpose machines like Industrial washing and drying machines.

Battery Washing And Drying Machine



NTB is the pioneers in the field of manufacturing Battery Washing & Drying Machine & all types of Conveyors System.

Tell us which Battery you want to handle & our expert team will offer the optimum Solutions.

NTB is reliable and leading suppliers of Battery Washing Machines & Battery Handling Conveyor Systems for Battery Manufacturing Companies.

NTB is manufacturing industrial washing machine for battery manufacturers. We have supplied these machines to almost all the battery manufacturers. This machine is comprised of 4 sections:-rinse-1, wash sectioin, rinse2, and drying. It can be supplied with in feed and out feed conveyors. During production, due to various operations acid adheres to battery surface. This is sulphuric acid in diluted form, which is very corrosive in nature. Our machine is manufactured with ss316l,acid proof material. Batteries with acid & dirty surfaces (due to acid spillage on surfaces) enters in machine and exit with clean and acid/dirt free surface. This is totally automatic machine. Only a small maintenance is required as per specified schedule. Water is recirculated through pumps and filters. Our machine is supplied with high capacity blower and heater. We have been re-warded by repeated orders from battery manufacturers

Food Mixers
NTB is manufacturing and exporting food mixer to food industries. These are widely used to mix viscous material. In gulf countries this is widely used for flavored tobacco in Hukka Bars, for mixing of flavor in tobacco. The shell is made from SS316 material. Along with food mixer we also supply Bin loader to load material into Mixer.

Online High Pressure Washing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Drying and Inspection System

Subject system includes the following sections :

1. Washing Section : Equipped with large-opening plastic modular belt conveyor with side-walls. Components pass through multi-stage high pressure, high velocity jets of water and/or solvent from both top & bottom sides of the conveyor .High washing efficiency is achieved with a recycle system using a double diaphragm pump. After washing the components are transferred to Ultrasonic large-opening plastic modular belt conveyor.

2. Ultrasonic Online Cleaning Section : Ultrasonic waves generating transducers are built into the chamber of this section, just under the side-wall conveyor belt. Vacuum Bubbles formed due to cavitation collapse with enormous energy and pressure resulting into effective surface cleaning of the moving components.

3. Hot Air Drying Section : Components from ultrasonic cleaning section are then transferred to the high efficiency hot air dryer for continuous drying of wet components.

4. Inspection Conveyors : This stage is equipped with belt suitable conveyors driven with a variable frequency drive for online inspection of components.

Applications : Online industrial ultrasonic cleaners are used in automotive, sporting, printing, marine, ceramics products, medical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, disk drive components, engineering and weapons industries.



Model - NTB-AVFM 50X60

1 Max. Forming area 508X600mm.
2 Max. Deep draw 100mm.
3 Max. Stroke length 100mm.
4 Stroke controller Adjustable pneumatic cylinder.
5 Ma. Dry cycle/min. 10
6 Max. Sheet width 640mm.
7 Max. Sheet thickness 1.2mm
8 Max. Reel dia. 400mm.
9 Sheet conveyor type 0.5 hp gear brake motor.
10 Heating movement Fixed.
11 Plug assists system Pneumatic system.
12 Heating unit 1.
13 Heating zone 4.
14 Total heating capacity 9kw (14 no’s X 650 watts- IR heater).
15 Vacuum pump 1hp-300l/min.
16 Formable raw material PVC, HIPS & PS in forming grade.
17 Total connected load 10 kW.
18 Electricity required 3 phase + Earth + Neutral, 440 volt.
19 Machine frame M.S. powder coating machine frame.
20 Safety device In built MCB circuit for machine.

Utility required operating the machine
Water Chiller-1.5 tonnage, Air Compressor-5hp & 3 Phase Power Supply.

Applications of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Disposable Product

• Thali
• Egg Tray
• Meal Tray
• Sweet box
• Dona Plate
• Biscuit Tray
• Dry fruit Tray
• Chocolate Tray
• Industrial Packing