Tungsten Carbide Choke Bean

Positive Choke Beans are available from sizes 4/64” to 48/64” for a ¾” bean and 50/64” to 64/64” for a 1” positive choke, also available are 66/64” to 128/64” chokes. All Stems manufactured as per NACE Standards. We provide all the required Material Test Certificates. Seats are manufactured from Steel body made from SS 410 and Tungsten Carbide with 6% Cobalt NTB positive chokes accept replaceable fixed orifice flow beans (ceramic or Carbide lined for severe applications) that are measured in 64th of an inch. All Adjustable chokes can be converted into positive chokes by replacing the bonnet assembly with an appropriate blanking plug and choke bean assembly. Positive Choke beans are also available in Seat Design. These choke beans are designed to suit a vast range to choke applications mainly for Well Testing, Well head, Clean-up operations, Production manifolds and pressures upto 15,000 psi.

Sr.No. Material API material class
     1 SS & TC with 6% Co
AA & BB general service
     2 SS & TC with 6% Co CC non-sour, high CO2
     3 SS & TC with 6% Co DD & EE 0.5 sour, Low CO2
     4 SS & TC with 6% Co FF 0.5 sour, High CO2
     5 Corrosion Resistant Alloy Steel & TC with 6% Co HH high H2S, High CO2

Ceramics Choke Bean

A choke is used to control the flow of fluids and is usually mounted on or close to the christmas tree. High pressure gas/oil, with abrasive sand minerals passes through these chokes at high speed causing rapid wear. Bean chokes contain a replaceable insert, or bean, made from hardened steel/ceramic or stainless steel/tungsten carbide or similar durable material. NTB Bean Chokes are lined with a high hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistant 98.5% Alumina or Tungsten Carbide liners, to protect them from corrosive and abrasive wear.

NTB Bean Chokes are exported all over the world and are known for their international standards & timely delivery. NTB manufactures a big range of bean chokes to match 'OCT'Type FC140, 'Thronill Craver', Gray Tool', Cameron' & types. These are manufactured with a precise diameter hole that forms the choke, through which all the abrasive/corrosive fluids must pass. Beans are available in a complete range of sizes, generally identified by the choke diameter stated in 64ths of an inch. For orifice size less than 14/64" for more precise flow control, beans are offered in sizes of 10% increments (5% increments available between orifice sizes 6/64" and 14/64"). NTB offers choke beans & hardened steel/tungsten carbide stems for the above makes & other custom designed flanged positive chokes, flanged & threaded adjustable chokes & stems/seats.

    Description Units SPECIFICATION
     Alumina content %
98.5% ± 0.1
     Density gm/cc 3.75 ± 0.1
     Porosity % Nil
     Compressive Strength psi 350000 ± 10000
     Traverse breaking Strength psi 50000 ± 4000
     Hardness on Rockwell Scale R 45 N 80 ± 3
     Colour -- White /Pink