The Plug and Cage Trims are effective in high flow liquid and multi-phase flow. In the closed position the plug makes contact with a prepared shoulder in the cage to facilitate positive shut off. Full Tungsten Carbide plug can be used in extreme solid production. Tungsten Carbide is preferred due to extreme resistance to erosion. In the Plug and Cage design, the Plug controls and throttles the flow on the internal diameters of the cage. The holes in the Cage are designed, positioned and sized to give optimum controllability and flow capacity as per the application. A multi stage trim is used in applications where differential pressure is high and results into high noise and vibrations, mainly applicable to Gas Services. The Multi stage trim reduces the pressure in a number of stages, ensuring a smooth pressure profile. All products as per NACE standards. We provide all Material Test Certificates. All plugs and cages are manufactured customer specific design.