Seats are designed to suit a vast range to choke applications mainly for Well Testing, Well head, Clean-up operations, Production manifolds. Adjustable Choke Seats are designed to suit standard choke sizes:- ¾”, 1” and 2”. We also offer taylor made seats as per customer design. The 1” orifice seat & stem are for nominal size of 2” valve and 2” & 3” orifice are suited to 3” and 4” valves. The seat and stem design is suitable for low to medium pressure drops, less severe services and applications that do not require positive shutoff. These seats can handle pressure ratings upto 15,000 psi. All Seats manufactured as per NACE Standards. We provide all the required Material Test Certificates. Seats are manufactured from Steel body made from SS 410 and Tungsten Carbide with 6% Cobalt These are designed to handle standard, erosive and corrosive service applications, A combination of choke bean/seat can convert the adjustable choke to a positive choke for bringing on the well slowly. Once a requisite flow rate is achieved in can be operated as a positive choke. This helps in enhancing the performance of Gate valve due to reduced wear. Gate valves are not designed for controlling the flow of oil.

Sr.No. Material API material class
     1 SS & TC with 6% Co
AA & BB general service
     2 SS & TC with 6% Co CC non-sour, high CO2
     3 SS & TC with 6% Co DD & EE 0.5 sour, Low CO2
     4 SS & TC with 6% Co FF 0.5 sour, High CO2
     5 Corrosion Resistant Alloy Steel & TC with 6% Co HH high H2S, High CO2