All the Tungsten Carbide are manufactured from Tungsten Carbide with 6% Cobalt or 6% Nickel, as per the application and customer’s request. We offer TC Cones for Stems, TC bushes for Seats and choke beans. We also offer different Taylor made/custom drawing products as per customer applications. We offer TC parts brazed or Shrink fit to the Steel as per customer’s requirements. Due to very high hardness, Tungsten Carbide provides with extreme wear resistance and life to the part. For optimum performance and wear resistance we give Tungsten Carbide with 14.6 to 15.0 gm/cc specific gravity, Hardness 89.5 to 91 HRA, TRS 18—n/mm2, Grain size 0.8 to 2.0 microns, which may vary as per application. We provide all Material Test Certificates to conform to the density, porosity, Hardness of the Tungsten Carbide.